Inside the Facility

Toddler Play Area

-We value our beginning walkers and little crawlers, toddlers have a opportunity to  begin making memories with (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and other family  members.

-Our toddlers can roam the entire facility as we have a curtain over the trampoline that  separates the big kids from the little kids. Keeping a safe fun environment for all  participants. 

-Adults are in encouraged to get involved with their children, we want everyone to have a great time at FUNTASTIC building family memories.

Obstacle Bounce House

-One of the largest inflatables at FUNTASTIC, you can race your friends over the  humps and climb the ladder to a large slide at the end.

- Bounce house is 38' long X 14' wide X 14' tall

-Parents love the idea that they too can be a kid again at FUNTASTIC.

Air Pillow

- Just like a pumpkin patch but this one is indoors. 

- Kids loves to wiggle and giggle, as they bounce with their friends and family.

- Please note that somersaults, cartwheels, and flips are NOT allowed on the       air pillow. (All of that can be done on the trampoline at your own risk.


- Freestyle on the trampoline during most of day, however this trampoline is also a dodge ball court that we play upon request with enough participants on Friday and Saturday nights.

- You can bounce off the back wall, and perform stunts within your ability.

- Major rule on the trampoline is you have to maintain control of you body at all   times.

- If higher attendance court monitor may form lines to insure safety.

- We can also have our 4 years of age and under on one side so they can still have a fun experience without getting trampled.

Special Event Night

Please check our Facebook page for special events


-Nerf wars!!! We provide the guns, darts, and safety goggles!

-Floor hockey!!! We provide the equipment and depending on number of participants we do devide into age groups.


-We turn down the lights and put on our black lights and party lights to glow!

- Most rounds last about 5-10mins then we switch.