Birthday Party Packages

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Monday - Thursday

Up to 5 Participants

Jump socks Included


Extra Participant  $16.00/person

Friday - Sunday

Up to 5 Participants

Jump socks Included


Extra Participant  $16.00/person

Monday - Thursday

10 Participants

Jump socks Included


Extra Participant  $14.00/person

Friday - Sunday

10 Participants

Jump socks Included


Extra Participant  $14.00/person

$50.00 non-refundable deposit required at time of booking.

Only Desserts are allowed with purchase of a party package

no other outside food or drink inside Funtastic.

Birthday Package Details:

 -1 hour private party room

-Place setting for all participants / non-participant place setting $1.00/person

-2 pitchers of pop for up to 5 - 10 participants

-3 pitchers for up to 15 participants 

 -4 pitchers for up to 20 participants

-Extra pitcher of pop $3.00/each

-Unlimited popcorn during your party hour.

-Birthday child receives a COUPON for a 6" decorated birthday cookie to be redeemed at  Eileen's  Colossal Cookies here in Kearney!

-Birthday child receives a hanging stuffed animal of their choice.    

- All participants receives a loyalty punch card with 1 punch loaded on it!

- Once waiver is signed we can check guest in at front desk where they will receive safety socks and a wristband.  The wristband is good for all day! So you can participate before and after the party!

- $40 for an additional hour for weekday and $65 for weekend party package.

-$1.00 per additional place setting for non participants.

Other offers and coupons do not apply to birthday package

-All participants 18 years of age and younger must have a waiver signed by the child's parent or guardian. If 19 years of age and older and participating on equipment we ask that you please sign a waiver for yourself.

Place Setting Colors

Can choose up to 2 colors

Special Party Menu Deals

12" Whole Pizza (Hamburger, Pepperoni, Cheese) - $8.00     

12" Specialty Pizza (Meat Lovers, Chicken/Bacon Ranch, BBQ Chicken, Buffalo Chicken) - $11.00

10 Hamburgers - $15.00      16 Hamburgers - $24.00     

10 Hot Dogs - $10.00     15 Hot Dogs - $15.00     10 Cheeseburgers - $17.50     16 Cheeseburgers - $28.00

    25 Mini Corn dogs - $10.00    25 Chicken Nuggets - $8.00     1 lb of French Fries - $5.00    1 lb of Onion Rings - $8.00

15 Mozzarella Sticks - $12.00       15 Jalapeño Poppers - $12.00       1 lb of Fried Cauliflower - $8.00    

Dozen Ice Cream Cups (chocolate or vanilla) - $ 9.00       Extra Pitcher of Pop - $3.00

(Condiments such as ranch, ketchup, pickles, mayo, bbq sauce, sweet & sour, etc are free of charge)

All Funtastic party rooms are equipped with black light at no extra charge.

It's Fun  It's Fantastic  It's FUNTASTIC!