FUNTASTIC is owned and operated by local family!

Let's meet the family!

                               Karen Brecht (President of FUNTASTIC / Owner/ Accounts Manager) 

                                            - Experience:  17 years of being a business owner and 13 years of customer service and computer sales associate.


                          Alan Brecht (Vice President of FUNTASTIC/ Owner/ Broadcasting Marketing)

                                              - Experience:  Over 35 years broadcasting and account executive.  

                                              - Past business owner and current marketing sales associate for NRG Media.


                                      Nathan Brecht  (Vice President of FUNTASTIC / Director of Marketing / Facility maintenance Manager)

                                               - Experience:  14 years as owner and general manager of Brecht Construction. 

                                                                         Nathan's e-mail nathan@kearneyfuncenter.com



                     Rebecca Brecht (General Manager for FUNTASTIC/ Director of Operations)  

                                               - Experience: 14 years of professional childhood education.  

                                               - Also certified in Adult, Child, and Infant First Aid/CPR/AED

                                                            Rebecca's e-mail Rebecca@kearneyfuncenter.com